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Welcome to the Distance Learning Web site

The goal of the training is not just mastering the skills in the area you choose already (through distance learning) and practical application in all segments of life. It's about learning but also transferring acquired knowledge to other areas you are dealing with or areas you are about to choose. So I suggest that you first read the article Read me first.

Some say more about the authors you can Read here. For now, there is only one. Others organize texts and are trained in making sites. Real success will be when one of the readers becomes an author.

Several thematic units have been launched, which are gradually filled with one article per week. Which topics will be more processed depends largely on interest. The site is conceived as interactive and new texts follow the readers' interest.

The site's author does not pretend to write everything or even point out that blogging and history began with him. Because of this, the links to the interesting topics, which the site is complementing, are delighted here. Therefore, readers decide on the speed of the adoption of the material.

There is a need for texts to supplement occasionally with new knowledge and new examples. Major changes sometimes signify a new text about which readers are notified, while smaller changes will simply be displayed with the date in the extension of the text. This is best because texts are not writable for disposable use. At the same time, this is also a type of protection against intellectual theft (of course, of course).

If you are interested in something special, they are freeconsultation. At the same place there will be a proposal for exchange or pricelist. Of course everything is for mutual pleasure.

I wish you a useful time.

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