As I write Gordana-Đajić


As I write I breathe, Or how do I breathe, I write or write while I write ...

Inspiration is in me, and inner necessity, inspired by divine light, and divine promise;
Inspiration is my kindness, good gestall that matters under the good;
and love as an alpha and omega life ...
there can be pain and suffering;
inspiration is my life in all its forms ...


The topic goes beyond me, I get the message I want to send, I look at my subject and I do not end up, we recognize and lock, and when we find it, we find the synergy, the theme is good, the message and everything it needs, my inspiration, it goes to the end.


A good man is in the center, and every character I love and I live with him.
In every song I enter as in the temple;
In my Garden of Paradise, I built a church, the interior of her hedges, that no gate of hell would touch her.


When we find the song and I synergy, we make a good theme, a message and everything we need,and understand that she has no other, and not the other, and then there is no end;

The harmony is attained, and everything goes aerial and fluttered, without effort and coercion, and we obey each other,
no obedient obedience is from love, and free will, without mold and dawn;


When everything goes smoothly and done well, I say good-bye, I laugh her hard, she laughed at me, we treated herself boldly, and I said to her, stay strong with me.

Love is my main driving force, in the center is a good man, the support is God's grace and God's will ...
So somehow, the spice is alive and lasts, everything works well ... As the heart is hot,
live and endure, one good deed,
it says smelo, little poet,
a leto her sixty ...

Gordana Đajić

I could say,
I hearted my heart with my heart,
while I write pencil,
pencil help me,
if I had my heart,
suddenly issued,
he would write with his heart
my help,
and nothing you do,
nebi slagalo,
he knows me how I breathe,
I'm writing my heart ...

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