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Walking like a mental skill, distance learning

Walking by fire is: skill, knowledge, technique, discovered or (still) undiscovered fraud? For the author of the text that is long ago this time he started as skeptic walking by fire is "primarily" a mental skill that can and should be mastered. Therefore, mastering this skill is included in the texts "distance learning.

What the fire is

Fireplace (or fire) is a more bitter oxidation process that happens with oxygen consumption. By burning, the by-products get light and heat. The attendant is a man in various forms since ancient times.

Over time, the man met the fire better. He learned to produce it and to use it for its own benefit. Starting with heating, lighting and food storage, fire has become an inevitable human companion. That's how the proverb came out that "fire is a good servant and a bad master". Let's say that fire can also be "an evil servant and a bad master" if it is used (and used) for the installation of explosive warfare devices.

Symbolism of fire

The symbolic fire is presented in the sacred books in a multitude of ways. Thus fire can be: punishment, purification, reward or protection. Psalm David (11; 6) "Let the wicked come from living coal, fire, and sulfur; and the firewood will be part of the glass. " Psalm David (12; 6) "The words of the Lord are pure, the silver in the fire cleansed from the earth, seven times overturned." Prophecy of the Prophet (24; 11) "Put it empty on the living coals to shake and burn its bronze, and to pitch its impurity in it, and to waste its ruin." Similarly, David asks the Lord: "Examine my heart, walk by night; In the fire try me, and you will not find my iniquities "(17; 3).

"Investigations" (quotations of RL) and punishment are especially used by the Inquisition. Specify the test with hot oil, fire and finally (two ends): burning at the fire, but also burning the bones because the crime of guilty has to fight after death.

Astrologers, philosophers, psychologists ... and fire

Po Heraklitwhom we remember as an opponent of democracy in which "the influence of the sanctity is strengthened": "This world is the same for all, has not been created by any god and no man, but has always been and is the being the fire is alive, which is burning with fire and burning"(Fragments, 30). All-round development takes place through the struggle of opposites. The resurgence from which everything arises and in which everything is returned is the fire. The world's fire and the creation of the world are changed periodically. Therefore:"Before the fire comes out, it is to be a bitter one. "

The fire among many ancient philosophers was one of the four basic elements of nature. Somewhere there was also the fifth "connective" element of the akashi which exists beside: fire, water, earth and air. It is a principle that still exists both in the East and in the West. Since the "four rectangular blocks" are observed in the periodic table of the elements, it is said that the periodic system of elements is the successor to these old but still current concepts. This concept of the basic elements is attributed in Europe to the Ionian School and Empedocles while Buddhism took over this scheme from Indian philosophy. Also in psychology we have a division into four temperamentsbut also in astrology.

Let's finish this part with Reviving Jovan (3; 16) So since you are still lukewarm, and you are neither hot nor hot, I will blush you out of your mouth,but how it was interpreted.

Explanation of walking by fire, Artur Klark's experiment

Today, the ritual of walking around the fire is used by all world religions to prove the superiority of their faith. As believers of all religions do it, "apparently it does not work that way", said renowned football player Johann Koroef, known as an atheist.

The experiment was also performed by Artur Clark (Sir Arthur Charles Clarke) just over a quarter of a century ago. In this experiment, in the opinion of the author of the text, there are guidelines to deal with this problem or how to master this skill. Let's say that Clark was known for his openness to the parapsychological phenomena, while in the later period of his life he became "Almost an absolute skeptic".

Having compiled a group of experienced volunteers, most of the recognized religions who had to break their own taboo before the grunt (Muslims consumed pork, Christians were eating at the time of fasting), they all went through the fire (and grunts) unharmed. Then Clark gave his observations and well-conceived conclusions about everything. After that, we could say that secret fire was discovered, but that did not happen.


We can also assign the guilt for mystifying walking on fire partly to Clark himself. He in the documentary asked himself (I will paraphrase) "well, now that you know (almost) everything about whether you want to take your shoes and go over the grill" ?. He replied (quote): "It does not matter." Thus, to this day, walking with his legs on the grill has remained miracle, while people who deal with "some" authority. So they will stay as long as they are tajna does not detect.

Let's say the secret finally (after this introduction). There are no secrets. The secret is in the underworld that is not so innocent, by which we improve ourselves. That is why I recommend the continuation of the text (next week) to practitioners from a practitioner's penny. Theorists can deal with numerous literature, photographs, documentaries, recordings, ask questions and teach with theorizing

Appendix, to the next text

Since among members of the forum I recognize characters who are practically familiar with walking on fire, I will be glad if they send their experiences that would be incorporated into the text. I will not reveal their identity unless I get permission from them for such a thing. In this case they can also send photos if they own them.

Those interested in walking in the fire who seem to be able to try something like that, suggest that they ask questions in order for the text to be better targeted next week. Yes, extrawe are encouraged to brave, there is a great deal of preparation for beginners taking 5 to 8 hours. If, after that, you do not make the decision to go through the fire you will still be on the winnings

Radosav Lazić

Kragujevac 2015.


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