Beginning Contact us

First, start Contact us with meYou can get a message or message on one of the social networks. Thereafter, free consultation with a Skype or a messenger is scheduled for up to 30 minutes. During a free conversation, both parties conclude whether there are places to provideservices, so that it would take place and how much such a service would last.

Let me explain that part more closely. If any side in contact concludes that there is no cooperation, or everything can be solved in those 30 minutes, the conversation ends with mutual satisfaction.

If both sides conclude that it is worth trying, it remains to be seen that we are not by chance from the same city or the surrounding area. In that case, it is unlikely that we will work with Skype. The mode of operation and the approximate duration are immediately presented to the interlocutor.

Service specificity (i contact)

The content of the site points to several areas in which it is possible to provide a quality service. I will repeat my moto site and all self-helpers "A lot, sometimes we can all ourselves". Sometimes we need a little incentive from the side of someone who is Qualifiedto provide such assistance and provide. contact are possible savings in nerves, time and money.

Everyone has the impression that psychotherapists are people who "lie in conversation". What is to be forgotten is that psychotherapists have long been conversant. I personally completed pre-supervised 500 classes knowing that psychotherapy was my next concern. Since then, almost a quarter of a century has passed.

Another specificity is the interlocutor. Starting from a half, year of life or occupation is the fact that both clients and their small / big problems are different. That's why it's better to be Contact us break in start.

Clients with all their diversity want to consult or educate about a number of mental tools and techniques to develop some of the of his talents.

Working with Groups (and Contacts)


In addition to individual work, there is work with couples, groups and talented children. Then it is exciting to work on the field. It is about psychotherapy, communication exercises and courses for the development of certain skills. In this case, it is necessary for the group to delegate one person to contact.


The prices of individual sessions are approximately 10 Euro per hour. The session lasts from 50 to 60 minutes. The price for working with groups is lower, depending on several factors and they are especially agreed. Possible discounts.

The work takes place with a licensed psychotherapist and a chef under the oath, who has clients over 2000 hours of work.

Experience and practice show that great progress in the field of achievement and personal happiness is possible. So get it Contact us.

Radosav Lazić



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