Serbs and Montenegrins, "crushed infantry" - statistics or manipulation

Serbs and Montenegrins "cluttered clowns" - statistics or manipulation; (ordered text)

The text "Serbs and Montenegrins" imprisoned infamous "statistic or media manipulation" is a response to an article published by 13.okt.2017 g. on the television "O2" under the name "Do Montenegrins come to Belgrade to find out a half of their children"


Serbs and Montenegrins "cluttered clowns" - statistics or manipulation

These days, "O2" television broadcasts annexes in shock news Do Montenegrins come to Belgrade to find out about half of their children. Let's see what it is "Has been a serious journalistic and social research that lasted for six months."


"Secret visits to the dark but also Belgrade laboratories that actually have only one goal were discovered - in time they discovered a child's sex".

At this point the word gets a protected interlocutor, after which the journalist continues:"Statistics as to Stimulate Research Results".

After that, we find out the dramatic voice that points to: "In the 2016 year in Montenegro there were more boys born than girls". Continue: "The Institute for Statistics says it is so average in the last 20 years."

Serbs as (bad guys) - "additions"

Journalists Blica had a similar text on how Serbs love to have a male boy born. They called for statistics and even showed the number of newborn babies on an annual basis. And the miracles in Serbia that year were born 6% of boys more, enough to crucify.


Because of intellectual honesty, I will say that I heard the text in Blic at the lectureProfessor Miodrag Lovricour best statistician who as such (normally) left Serbia. It's about a man who has been nominated twice for the Nobel Prize twice, about which the public is not overly informed.

I will be grateful to readers for the link to the above text. Here I leave a link to the text Blic talks about "ghastly practice in Montenegro" in the text "If the girl is aborted". 

Due to the great similarity of texts and conclusions (facts "point to" that several male children are born in Serbia and Montenegro), I decided to omit Montenegrin in the title, which are not asked by authors any more, and I put all "guilt" on male gender and objectively journalistic skills coming from "reputable" media outlets.

A little (but enough) statistics

Everywhere in the world is valid for 100 boys to be born to 106 boys. 

This regularity was first observed by Gon Graunt by listing the number of live-born children in London in the period from 1604 to 1661 years. (M.Lovric 10, 2009).


1. Nowhere is it written on 100. born girls should be born 100. boy. Obviously it is not a "letter-head" combination where the expected half-sex score (if there is no scam).

2. Multiple measurements, which have been checked many times, have long since established a statistical legality: On the 100 born girl is born 106 boy.

    The statistical legitimacy, characteristics and "our case"

The first feature: Statistical law applies only to the mass of cases. Therefore, the conclusions coming from the mentioned media houses are numerical accurate. They are just misinterpreted. So and more and more of us are born here and in the world.

Sometimes it was interpreted as: part of God's plan, promotion of selectivity, etc., just as the journalists of O2 and Blitz had their own interpretations, but this does not mean that their interpretations are proven or accurate.

Second Feature: Individual cases may show deviations from the general tendency. That night, in Kragujevac, 10 girls and 2 boys can come to the world, but this will not affect the statistical legality at the annual level regarding the number of newborns in Serbia.

Consequently, individual cases remain the same, individual cases that can be used to tend backward, or, worse, infanticide, feelings of shame and guilt, tendentiously or due to ignorance.

We will also agree that individual cases carry a great emotional charge that good journalists convey to their audience. Again it may and should be different to be interpreted, which is not the theme of this text.

Statistics - character test (for advanced students)

"Test characters were first used by John Arbuthnott 1710. years. This is most likely the first use of a statistical test in history. Arbatnot said he was in London at each of 82. year in the period of 1629. to 1710. he gave birth to more men than female children. "

"Applying the zero-hypothesis test for the equal probability of birth of male and female children is rejected with p-value from 0,0002."

"Arbatnot was not pleased to simply dismiss the zero hypothesis, but concluded that God stands behind it and that male children are born more, to compensate, because of the later higher mortality of men" who have to look for their foods exposed to danger. " (Lovric, 310, 2009).

Another statistical legitimacy

The average lifespan is different from the continent to the continent and from country to country. In the end, we can freely say that this is the last line of defense for politicians and their stories. Many would like this article to want to emigrate to Russia but then look at and compare the average length of human life with Germany and decide to stop a little more.

Thus, the average lifespan of men in the least developed countries of the 53,4 year, and the average lifespan of women is 55,8 years, while in most developed countries, men average 72,9 and 80,2 women in average. The average in Serbia (data from before 10 years), amounts for men 71,7 years and for women 76,3 years.

Individual cases and conclusion

Can we journalistically independent and "brave research" to conclude that women in a later age, in some law, illegally, "release trunks"? We can, it's not a problem. It is necessary to find several such cases and then generalize it :).

If such cases exist and that they can be found and raised to the level of generality, please see the accompanying appendices with the text from Blica, which you can view here,in here. There is also Attachments from O2 television.

Abuse of statistics

Statistics There is one rule: If instead of the data we enter the garbage, instead of the correct conclusion, we remove the garbage (GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out). As a good example, let us use the twit under which a lot has been said.

There is also the possibility of using different methods to get conflicting conclusions among themselves. It is possible to adjust the results, the incomplete presentation, it is possible to manipulate the reliability of the conclusion, and so on, which always represents a good exercise for reflections.


Hypothetically, if 3000 workers receive a FYAT by 300 € per month and the 100 top manager of the Italians receives by 10000 € per month, then this is 3000 * 300 + 100 * 10000 = 900.000,00 + 1000.000,00 = 1,9 million € divided by 3100 employees giving an average of 612,9 € per month per employee, while workers' salaries are in fact two times smaller, or four times smaller than their Polish counterparts and ten times their colleagues from Italy.

Fortunately, we can not verify this because the contract was signed by the FIJAT with the Government of Serbia. However, the minority owner of FIJAT can "prove" that such workers are not in slavery relations, since the average salary in Serbia in relation to Poland is "only" two times smaller.


Media manipulations are a skillful and expert management of our souls in order to produce the desired change according to what the manipulator wants to achieve. What could that be?

Sometimes the public is preparing for war, for irrational hatred of other peoples, sometimes for a "better life" and a brilliant submission ...

If we are so caught up in these areas (what by them and statistics it proves !! ??) then for us and our descendants nothing better than slavery. More precisely, everything is happening to us and what's going to happen to us just because we did not.

There will be no denial because it would mean that those who differly believe the recognized right to exist.

Serbs-and-Montenegrins, - "narrow-minded-child-killers" -statistika-or-manipulation
Serbs-and-Montenegrins, - "slammed-infantry" -statistics-or-manipulation

Radosav Lazić

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