"Mental skills" distance learning - the second year


These days, because of the work that has been sneaking a little for the holidays. They also sneered. Only the hacker attacks that I still do not understand are the only ones. To spend some time living 1485 times trying to enter the site from the "other side" I really do not know. That's why I was sorry for all that, so I blocked them. They certainly need attention and therapy but the way learning they are wrong.

I think I blocked the bully of the torpedoes, I can not go back but watch. This is the new wave. Only if they would take care of me so that afterwards "Here" at some other place. I'm sure this is not the place.

Everything written here can be taken or stolen, but they do not need to approach the site from the "other side" but simply overwrite what they consider as valuable rewrite. Nand at the end there is not so much about overwriting how much learning practicing because in the end we become different and better.


There are also such "revelators" I will not say but they do not hack, but simply take what they need, go to another place and sign themselves. When and if they are accused me of copying from them, "we will talk". Dotle does not have any problems with them. For now I care only what they do "learning"To me to join someone tomorrow "Better" locations with yoursapparently bad intentions.


Paradoxically at first glance is what now that's easier has fewer texts. I'll answer. The fact that through correspondence and discussion I know what readers want (and where I am overwhelmed) does not mean that I can write it right away. Simply thanks to interested readers (i) I got new contacts and clients. Because sometimes I have not written, I'm not coming to customize and edit.

No matter whether you know what the audience is looking for, it's time to do it well. Otherwise there will be no feedback. What you find on the site will not be a good form but because it has gone through the filter of learning and time. Nor did we say in the introductory part that the site belongs to those who do not care learning, exercising and re-examining.

The advantage of self-taught

Samouki are grateful for work. These are mature people who want something to achieve and are willing to pay the price of achievement: in money, time, sweat or combining it all from the source to the source.

Mental-skills-lifelong learning
Mental-skills-lifelong learning

When a young person is attending a school she often does not know if she is doing it at her or her parents' own discretion. In addition to the "main course" this often serves a lot of unnecessary or unsuitable material. So in my time everyone had to learn (minimum): Marxism, Defense I, II. Even AVNOJ's decisions were learned by the Prvacians.

Let's add to speed as it is todaythe school system is not adapted to practice and needs. In addition to systemic bad solutions and motivated teachers, they did more to plan and program than they did around us (honor to individuals).

 UCleaning, exercise and change are lifelong. True learning begins when we meet ourselves enough (learning outcomes) and when we deliberately make the decision to go something with ourselves.

Authority of "authority"

My late friend, the poet Milan Nikolic, often dragged the parallels between a professional actor (any artist) in the capital and the enthusiastic actor of the province's amateur. They have to play almost all they have to offer because they need (if anything else) to educate the child and eat three times a day. The actor from the province lives from something else for which he can choose everything: from the role of the audience to the director.

<class = "wpcs"> I personally came across the hints that educated actors, painters, or managers are "something else" while amateurs are probably a third. Today when all knowledge is available from net to private lessons (or) today when they are all schools for sale this should not be an unresolved problem. At the end of the right rating learning we also give the consumers of our services.

Imagined size

Long ago (or not so long ago) I was the owner or co-owner of companies in which dozens of employees worked. I only know how much I had to acquire knowledge for this through various books, business schools, and through interviews with not always inclined authorities. Again, taught I used it and applied it totaught.

Then an extraordinary guy appeared who at every price wanted to become a director of a company with over 60 employees. He talked that he was a graduate economist (as opposed to me) and that he was "predestined" to be just that. He was so much concerned that it was a bit weird "what is more awaiting" with this setting.

When he crossed the border, I asked him if he knew how many graduates in Kragujevac had a college graduate and why he would be the one from several thousand others (without the competition, of course)? Then, in order to save him stuttering, he said that someone in Germany could deposit my estimated value and I will leave him to the firm. He can immediately release everything and bring new people at his own discretion, I will not interfere. I will come after about a hundred days to compare the figures together and if the results are not how to take a deposit and go without return. Or I'll make a profit.He did not accept it.

Let's finish it

Today there are so many books, movies and combined tutorials about anything that interests us. On the other hand, we can not wait until we study everything, so we can just go back in the desired direction. Much will remain unread and unprovoked, but what Learn It must have value if we want to take life into our own hands. Otherwise, we will be waiting for peaceful, secure ports of the state business with a purchased diploma, without major oscillations, which has become almost legal and legitimate.


There are many people who tend to the guy I mentioned. They imagine a safe state business in a company where it can not collapse and can again "influence" tenders. Something like city utility services: cemetery, power station, water supply, market, cleanliness ... Add the judiciary, the police and other ministries where employment is purely party.All these systems are placed in the buttercup. Many people depend on them, and even if something is embarrassing the state will do "Come in".

In private business we usually make the system itself. As far as capital is concerned, we usually move from scratch or lending, with much enthusiasm (and so on).When a company makes, consolidates and becomes profitable, it comes as a rule those who recomend themselves to dirty and dishonest ways, say who stands behind them and who can all make us worse or relieve the business. Of course, the encounter of these worlds is also sought learning and customization. Let's play that part.


My experience

The site has become economically viable at the minimum level for the owner a year after the start. Let's add before that three months of "school" for the creation of sites organized for journalists who (as much as they can) write that also implies learning just before that. I conclude that the site owners have something to say, that what they say or offer on the site of someone interested (which they will know after the presentation) is possible after two years to get on their feet and achieve little financial independence.

Everything is better

Maybe the sites that deal with more exciting topics will get better results earlier. By knocking on the search engine Teodo-sić I have repeatedly offered me the option offered to Teodor Džehverović. If we judge by the number of the aforementioned TD, we can conclude that we are the theoreticians of Teodosic in a difficult minority. Onlearn to live with it and enjoy your achievements and gifts that will be more than you can imagine now.


Obviously, there are more profitable occupations, but I am sure that good work, more money and reputation can be achieved not only by appearance but by constant exercise,learning and perfecting. Of course there are a number of other ways for those who are really, really hurry.

I felt obliged to present my own experience of honesty with myself and readers, while at the same time respecting the "experts and numerous experts" who offer us success overnight. The text is for those who can see themselves in the mirror tomorrow and can look everyone else in the eye.



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