Writing, writing, writing skills, stenography, unconscious writing, and all other writings

Writing on writing - 

Today are written by those who do not know all four (sometime) elementary writing skills: letters, spelling, grammar and words. If there were four points on the car here this could not happen. Since this is not just happening, but that it has covered the forms of an epidemic, it remains for us to strike in this crowd or not. Something we certainly have to do because we have not been physically able to read anything we think to do or need.

Access writing as if that's the only way to tell something. Without mimic, hands, legs, no camera and photos.

The skill of writing and introspection is the secret of a successful beginning 

Answering the question "Can Writing Be taught" and whether writing is mammary?

Writersthey often say that the song simply "came" and how it all happened in the moment. Such moments exist and are valuable, but it may be just yetthe secret of a successful beginning.

These are creators who have forgotten their periods of introspection and awareness of inner work, or simply lie. Sometimes they enjoy their unconscious sublances (or muses), fearing that they will lose them if they talk about them.

Stenography, for i against(1)

Are you investing time?

Writers like to emphasize how they write for four to five hours a day. Would not it be better for them to write it in one hour with the help of a stencil of quick writing skills? This saves 100 hours a month, or more than a thousand annually. It's worth considering and doing a little effort if we know it is possible to learn stenography at a distance.

Stenography as a Writing Skill (2):

stenographic alphabet, tips, letter writing and presentation of consonants a, eio - start of the course

The writers of the wall - textbooks necessarily emphasize thatstenographic letters are derived from "ordinary".Such a beginning makes sense because it is clearly seen that every wall - a letter where and where it is more economical to write than the ordinary one. In summary, this is not a bit, but it's just the beginning. Later when other practical abbreviations occurwe will not thinkthat we started from ordinary asbestos, in our case of obeisance.

Stenography as a writing skill (3):

2.1. Double means when writing a consensus V, J, M, W, 2.2.Writing and presenting a vowel I 2.2.1.Writing a vowel I at the beginning of the word and at the end of the word 2.2.2. Vowel presentation I 2.3.Writing and merging the vowel I in long letters

Stenografija (4) 

writing and presenting the letters "U"

Reading, Thinking, and Writing With Wise Thoughts by Spokesperson

  1. It would be a good idea to buy books when it could be purchased with them and the time needed to read them, but usually the purchase of books is a mustache with the appropriation of their content.
  2. Poor books are an intellectual poison, they ruin the spirit.

Reading, Thinking, and Writing, With Small Help of Spider-Man (2)

To get married to a good writer it is necessary to have a circular process:reading, reflectionsthewriting, subdivided and analyzed by parts. That will help us first of allArtur Šopenhauer(Arthur Schopenhauer1788 - 1860), then some other authority.

The German philosopher writes on two types:

  • those who write for the same thing and
  • those who write for thatписали.

Writing, plagiarism, style, and Šopenhauer (3)

 Sometimes titles are good at first glance. On the other hand, we see that they are not good even though they are "good". It's about intentionally wrong(plagiarized)titles that besides knowing manipulation show the absence of originality. Therefore, it should be clear to the reader what to do with such a text. For "who has not enough ability to invent a new title for his book, he will not be able to give her new content."

To be continued

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