Quitting smoking - (how) - therapy that acts (I)

Tema "Quitting smoking ... "is a continuation texts on therapy which we can to conduct ourselves.If the goal is not reached from the first attempt, we will certainly be on the winning side. We will meet ourselves and see where we are wrong. We will gain self-confidence and continue to try to reach the goal, which is definitely the definition of perseverance.

The above text emphasized that smoking is a "minor problem" because it primarily threatens ourselves as opposed to aggressive and unreasonable behavior towards others, for example, On the other hand, visitors to the site are more interested in stopping smoking than obesity, so why not begin with it. After all, when people talk about achievements, it's always nice to say successful "wrestling" with tobacco.


Quitting smoking - Edison, Napoleon Hil, Bil Votson

In the cult book Napoleon Hil1(1995). Think and get rich, Novi Sad: Global book, 1996. (there is also a translation entitled "Think and Become Rich" which I recommend to you, there is an example of an inventor of Edison who tried to make a bulb more than 10000 times, which eventually got him by the hand.

Motivation books deal with data from 1000 unsuccessful attempts, with Edison causing three fires by endangering both himself and others. When his friends advised him to give up, he replied: "Impossible. I know best in the world what does not work "

When it comes to cessation of smoking, the author of this text resembles Edison in many ways because he can list a countless methods for quitting smoking. All these methods have one common content - they do not work.

The author of the text also associates with Bila Vilsona (Bill Wilson) who created a program that uses "Anonymous Alcoholics". Bil was not a doctor, but a broker on the stock exchange, who ended each day with alcohol abstraction. It has turned out that people who have been subjected to dependency relieve heavily are beneficial and useful to people who are relieved of dependence sickness.

In support of this thesis is also the fact that millions of people have managed to free themselves from tobacco addiction with the help of Alen Kara's book2Allen Car, it's easy to stop smoking, 2008. There is also the translation "Easy to quit smoking" that can be found on the Internet in PDF format . What was not a scientist but a bookkeeper, a passionate smoker who spent daily on the 100 cigarette (never less than 60) and so 33 years. When he presented his method of quitting smoking by medical experts, he was declared a mixture of charlatans and freaks. The awards came afterwards.

Quitting smoking - the weakened influence of Alan Kara

Millions of puppets stopped using this habit with the help of Alan Kara (Allen Carr). It was enough for a few days to read the book and just stop it. This is also possible today, but the effect of the book has weakened. Regardless of this, the book is certainly useful to many, and so it is a warm welcome.

Why is the book "weaker" today? Perhaps the answer lies in the research of Russian scientists who say that almost a quarter of the population (25%) could say a simple sentence: "I do not smoke tomorrow". Today it can only 4%. So half a century ago, 250 people from 1000 and today only 40. We wonder what this is about.


I'll have two equally good answers. Both are highly rated by the advocates of the world conspiracy. The first answer says that quality of life has improved, but has been partially broken down by the use of GMO products (and not just them) in human nutrition. The results of the use of GMO foods are certainly devastating, as in the third generation of descendants there is infertility while in the first and second generation it is increasing.

Everyone knows this and they all pretend they do not know it. For the same reasons today, newborns are killing their parents with a multi-faceted almost uninterrupted crying that was never the case. That is why smokers in this story are only collateral damage.

The second reason is the increased number of additives now in tobacco smoke. Today, in addition to nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide smokers also thousands of other harmful ingredients which lead to dependence on which to leave the duvet has become more difficult.

The third reason is the combination of the previous two. That is why I continue to suggest the continuation of the text to those who, with the help of Alan's book, did not succeed in releasing dependencies.

  Quitting smoking - problematic ways

There are understandable and less understandable methods for leaving tobacco. Sometimes nicotine chewing gum is being advertised, sometimes patchwork, sometimes with aromatic fats. Tires with nicotine, patches also. Both devices work, but the question is what is achieved if we keep the need for nicotine by replacing the input method.

The prices of these aids are more expensive than cigarettes. It is often postponed and it is not "innocuous" stuff.

Quitting smoking - aiding society, tablets, magnets, lasers ...

There are effective tablets containing substances that interact with the same receptors in the human body as nicotine. It's about substance citizin which at the same timereduces symptoms of depression, anxiety, and decrease in concentration associated with cessation of smoking, or nicotine administration (abstinence syndrome).

Acupuncture magnets that are used with the help of patches also work. They stimulate acupuncture points with one goal: quitting smoking.

There are many lectures, seminars and courses for rehearsing where much can be learned. Many of these free seminars as well as many campaigns are organized by the state. It is the tax-fed state and tobacco axis. Because of this connection, it is clear that the state would be at a loss in the short term, when everyone would quit smoking tomorrow.

It is clear that our politicians think in the short term why money is needed for smokers. Therefore, they should not be expected too much, otherwise they would do something that would give positive results. There are no positive results for smokers. The only positive is the benefit of the organizers of such seminars. Of course, it's about subsistence and expensive studies.

Do not forget shorts that are on short runs more dangerous than tobacco smokewhat many smokers are ready-until such "cures" are withdrawn from the sale.

Quitting smoking, cheating or behavioral change

"During my smoking years I've been trying dozens of times to stop smoking. I once did not smoke all sixmonths, but I was continually 'realizing on the walls', stood as close to smokers as I could breathe a little smoke; I was still driving in the car for smokers. " This is how Alen Kar describes one of his attempts.

We have so far seen that there are experts "who are weed", expensive and free. We see that never again pharmacy and technical assistance. On the other hand, the number of "duvandia" increases, while the percentage of those who take one-off retired one-by-one.

It is difficult to start a change of behavior, it is even harder to keep up the course, and it is most difficult to adopt the change. I would go so far as to say it was changing the behavior of adults is the most difficult thing a sensitive human being can achieve3M.Goldsmit, M.Riter (2016); Belgrade - Podgorica; New Book, p. 30. .

One of the reasons for the failure is the big question is whether it is our true desires? If they are not then the path is wrong. More precisely, we will not reach the goal.


We expect a lot of it yesterday or immediately. "The popularity of plastic surgery suggests that many people do not want to wait for results evennot thirty days, especially if this implies subjecting it to a strict discipline "4Zufelt Dž.M. (2005), DNA Success; Intergraf MM; Belgrade; Mono-Manana, p. 21.

Now that we know what does not work, we will continue to give the answer "why" does not stop and we will soon propose an acceptable answer to the question: "how to stop".

Determination of starting and arrival points

Let's start with the Chinese saying: "Initially, a man takes drugs. Then the drug takes drugs. At the end of the drug, he takes a man. "


I worked with a man who spent four or four boxes of cigarettes a day. His comment on leaving a cigarette is that he would never leave tobacco if he could "consume" one hell daily. As he was aware that in the third phase, when a "drug took a man" he accepted the therapy and slowly after six weeks he realized his dreams. He smoked "only" one hell daily.

Inspired by this trainee, three participants from the group redefined their goals by deciding that they would "postpone" leaving and that after a month the daily consumption of cigarettes would be reduced to five or six cigarettes.

Alena Kar nicely says that only one cigarette is "a mistake that we must immediately get out of the head". The drug is in question. Sometimes our unconscious parts share our day in periods before and after this one cigarette. It seems to me that the multiple reduction of smoked cigarettes is a good way to deliver results.

It is about the people who carry "fear of leaving" about what we were talking about at the beginning of the text. These are moments of violent, unsuccessful smoking interruption, after which we start to smoke even more, while the fear of another unsuccessful attempt is growing.

Because of that, the gradual reduction seemed to be all right. First there is a significant reduction (with 80 on 20, with 30 on 6 and with 20 on 5 cigarettes per day). The second mechanism of action and the taking of cigarettes becomes stuck. Third, this success after some time starts to move in the direction of ultimate success.

Data collection and analysis

Before deciding what to do with cigarettes and with your life, we need to do a three-day but full-day analysis, according to the instructions in the table below. The table shows the time, what we did when we set on fire, what was the immediate trigger, the trigger, the number of cigarettes smuggled and the ratings for each one separately. 

Table of cigarettes dropped. Date ......... First day

TimeSituationTriggerHe dropped a pieceCigarette rating
07.00.morning coffeebrown smell15
07.30.after breakfastsatisfaction with food15 at workkolegijalnost, kafa25, 4

After three days of analysis, we will indisputably know "how much is the hours," when the number of cigarettes smashed is divided into three. After three days, we analyze the data and we estimate how to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked in the next three days by 10%. If we're smoking 20 to get down to 18, or if we're smoking 80 to get down to 72.

This is how behaviorists imagine leaving tobacco. We have a goal that is precisely determined manufactured in several smaller sub-goals, is positive, realistic and placed in a particular environment, ie a situation. Of course, instead of cigarettes, we put in a support for some substitute for a cigarette. Sometimes it's a cube of chocolate, sometimes ice cream, sometimes lemonade ...

Here I cite all the necessary skills for achieving success that were long overwritten from a textbook: 1. Determining the target or set of sub-targets, 2. bookkeeping, 3. assessment of the situation based on the collected data, 4. Determination of gradual sub-goals and strategies, 5. collecting supporters, 6. Applying Self-accrual Principles, 7. control and evaluation of progression, 8. deep relaxation, 9. fast relaxation and 10. differential relaxation.

Bonding which are and which are not

We have seen how much importance is attached: good preparation, good plan and analysis based on good notes. We see how important sincere communication is with us and in the end we see the importance attached to rapid, deep and differential relaxation. These are the basics that can lead you to the goal.

It is therefore important that we continue to walk without confusion. In other words:

1. If we use one (and five) cigarettes daily we are addicts and we should not be deceived in this regard. The number of cigarettes we use is a compromise with: our health, family, wallet, sporting results, tolerance of the boss at work or something else. But we are addicts.

2. If we get 80 cigarettes down to 20, or we've got 20 down to 5 or 6 every day we've achieved success. We are still dependents. (drug addicts) but things are within the frames we wanted to cover them so we can go back to the 1 point. yes JESMO dependents.

Here is a very important quote that originally refers to fast food and then everything else: "It's not food that's dangerous," he explained. "It's a dangerous thing to think about food.5Vitale J. & Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len; NULTE GRANICE, Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and many other, Net editions, pages 97, read 01.04.2018.g "In translation," it's dangerous to think about smoking. "

In the chapter "Cigars, Hamburgers, and Killing of Deity" it is written: "Before I eat anything, I say in my head, I love you! I love you!' If I enter anything in this situation that could cause me to feel sick while I'm eating, it's not you! That's not even me either! This is something that indicates that I am willing to be responsible for it! "Then I continue to enjoy the meal because it is now clear."

Almost all of the believers have conditionally similar attitudes about food, alcohol, cigarettes, and God's help. The point is partly in this and much more in the following quote:

"Are you smoking while you are attending?""No, no, I smoke in the evening," explain. "It's my meditation time. I sit on the bench, I smoke, and I feel grateful for life. "He was silent for a moment. I was waiting to expel a bunch of statistics about why smoking was bad for me. He finally spoke. "I think it's nice."

This is a crucial place where you can lie to yourself (and with God's help) and that the ego continues to work very well. But you can also assess the damage, risk and responsibility for your actions. Not one or two glasses or ten cigarettes will kill us. It's just that you need to accept responsibility and call what you're doing with the real name.

At the end of the day is a debt. As I was about to take part in the half-marathon, it was clear to me that cigarettes are the goods I avoid and which damages me even when it comes from the wind. But the day was long enough for the drug addict and the other one to "enjoy" smoking.

Because of all this, smoking cessation is not just a decision, but a process that does not have to come from the first attempt.

Why smoking cessation is "impossible

Even though cigarettes are one of their best interests, they are also a "dirty player". If you pay attention to just a little, we will return you to 20 or 80 cigarettes in a short period of time. That's enough reason to remember one "little thing": "Smoking cessation is the most cost-effective health investment"6 Blazic-Cop. N; Đorđević V .; And you can quit smoking - 15 edition; printers; Zagreb 2009, page 6)

With every smoke, we satisfy our need for nicotine, but at the same time we fix it in it. If we smoke hell daily, so with each cigarette we "fix" with 8 to 10 smoke then it is 160 daily fixing. At the annual level, this exceeds 574007Blazic-Cop. N; Đorđević V .; And you can quit smoking - 15 edition; printers; Zagreb 2009, page 25 satisfying and nourishing the nicotine need.

Quitting smoking is impossible for the simple reason: There is no place for such a thing in our lives. Our lives are mostly programmed. Let's remember the famous ones a song that reminds us of it. If we are doing today a day that 95% looks like yesterday and who likes so much to tomorrow, can we then go somewhere? We can but quite difficult. Difficult to nonsense with maximum exhaustion.

First thing is impossible. Again and if possible, what if everything else is the same? This "same" will not allow us to jump out of the template. It needs to break the habit, discourage physical dependence, free psychic ties ... and stay alive.

Quitting smoking - pre-decision

After collecting data, doing an analysis, learning how to quickly relax, we are somewhat ready. We need to figure it out why it does not succeed and why it is difficult.

We can plan to reduce the number of smoked cigarettes and to ease our ego by claiming that we have a steadfast will ... And just when we persuade everything around us, it will collapse.

Here I do not want to draw any argument for and against smoking. It is the personal decision of anyone who reads this text. I just want to highlight everything that can appear as an obstacle. So I do not recommend a simple decision that is often suggested to us. Something in the style: "I want to get rid of smoking".

You are now in a sliding field where the same rules apply but not the same for all. All laws work but on each of us different. Many still do not know what I do ...

Further it is good for many to fix a date for themselves in the near future when they want to stop smoking tobacco smoke. Other dates are less important. It is much more important for them to see the readiness with which stopping smoking becomes a children's game. Wait a little longer with the decision.

Quitting smoking - step into a known or jump in the unknown

We said that 95% of our brain is what is known about the present, the future and the past. That part is called one - a series of sub-programmed states. In that reality you smoke 20 or 80 cigarettes a day and your mind will regularly remind you of it. You can use the unsupervised 5% yourself as a bit opposed to the power of will, but all this is a short victory that you have a success if you want to fix a state of ten, at most 15%. More precisely if you decide to leave your cigarettes in pure peace it will not go hand in hand.

Before deciding, you can use visualization where you can analyze the difficult and easy moments that are ahead of you. Some would call it mental preparation. We can agree with the phrase with the remark that there is more.

That would mean, for example, that in the table of the phrase "coffee at work", piece 2, we have two triggers. If we decide to reduce the number of cigarettes, the easiest way is to skip a cigarette at that place. But if tomorrow we decide to change ALL it will go hard in the same environment.

Here, mental skills come to the stage when we make 3% from 5 to 95%. We will more accurately change the reality and adapt it to ourselves, to our present and future.

Quitting smoking - with a sincere desire

Until now we have explained why and how 5% of conscious mind loses battle with 95% of what we have unconsciously remembered. We will win if we are able to impose a new reality on the strength of the old one that is in force in the past, present and future. "We can not create a new future while we live in the past. It's simply impossible "8Dispensation Gland (2016) Placebo you - healing with mind possible, Leo Commerce, Belgrade; str 101

The conscious mind makes only 5 a percentage of the total mind. It makes sense and thinking, as well as our creative abilities. They allow our free will. The remaining 95 of the total mind makes the subconscious mind. It is an operating system where all our automated skills, habits, emotional reactions, learned behaviors, conditioned reactions, associative memories and common thoughts and feelings create our attitudes, beliefs and perceptions9This, str 158.

10Dispensation Gland (2016) Placebo you - healing with mind possible, Leo Commerce, Belgrade; str 159

We need to get ourselves "homework" as we have already become someone else (something else). This is a lot, but there is no space for an old habit. You need to find some kind of firepower that moves you. There is surely love for some hobby or change of work in you. Perhaps you are a future writer, marathon, dancer or pregnant ... You are looking for something strong enough to turn the situation around.

Setting goals is not enough. There is a burning desire for change. You have to find something you really want in yourself. Only after that can you choose to use conventional self-help methods based on many books and video tutorials.

When you find the burning goal within you, you still do not have to make it out of the first because cigarettes are a difficult opponent. But you will get countless feedback that will help you to correct the course, a new plan and strategy. Without this, we can quickly give up and let ourselves come to the label "unsuccessful". 

Because of all the fines, this text is neither short nor simple, but it is therefore exemplary. If you do not get what you want it does not mean you're a loser but your plan was not good. There are simply no years when we are too young or too old to meet the soul. When you find it in yourself, the quenching of the duct becomes a passage station.


When you find something that you would not give up for anything in the world, your job is over. You do not have to write goals by the fridge, bathroom and workplace. Your 5% becomes 95%. Therefore, you have come into possession of a new mind and a new reality where things happen automatically. The same way they took place while 95 lived in you as a percentage smoker. Test yourself. If the new reality prevails, you will feel constant satisfaction. Even if you ever kneel down, this will be the reason for you to be after your little correction, because the action is driven by essential desires. That's how we doubled our strength. Now, together, we are working towards the goal with the help of both heart and mind.


Placebo effect

The body experiences what you believe. Placebo is an interesting medical phenomenon. It represents our reaction to the belief that we have what we are seeking. It's just a change of belief to react. Changing belief is a change of thought - a common mental skill that can (and should) be learned.

During the Second World War doctors were surprised that nurses lacking morphine in severe wounded patients injected a physiological solution "like" that it was morphine. The soldiers reacted as if they really received morphine, and often complex surgeries took place without anesthesia.

Thus, suggestions, beliefs and beliefs ("placebo" - use "nocebo" -state) become interesting for studying together with "psychoneuroimunology" that examines the effect of thoughts and emotions on the immune system.

In short, by changing mental attitudes, we change the body's chemistry into the body, thereby paralyzing the past unconscious current, which makes us susceptible to cure even from nicotine dependence. We need only a great burning goal that our mind accepts first with the heart and then with the brain.

Placebo process "does not work because of some kind of spell in the tablet, but because the human body is the best pharmacist and because the most successful recipes print only the body"11Dispensation Gland (2016) Placebo you - healing with mind possible, Leo Commerce, Belgrade; str 70.

Quitting smoking - what we need

You need a clear big goal (clear intention) that carries you a noble emotion that triggers you - in our case it's a long-term goal. Such an emotion is currently increasing the energy we radiate (such as a nearby neighbor can just "fire").

With the new energy, the 5% of our conscious work can affect the programmed 95% and paralyze them, thus opening the space for a new reality. In order to reach the new reality we have several intermediates. One of them (just one of them, and it's interlocking) is a cessation of smoking.

Short explanation. Light (energy) is by physics and energy and particle matter. If we are a bigger part of matter then we are in those 95% realities. But we are always at the disposal of the possibility of changing the reality we can bring about by increasing energy (on matter of matter). With burning desire we become more wasted and fewer particles, and that is if we learn to make this situation worse with ourselves.

Then we make a decision that has a sufficiently high level of energy in our newly selected thoughts (which we begin to nurture) become an experience with a strong emotional background. Therefore, the change is almost instantaneous. Then stop smoking is just a children's game. I did not say that it is easy to just be possible with very little difficulty.


Then you will be able to eksperimentišete and you know yourself without any mistake, because you will be motivated every time through the game progress to the goal. On this journey, little happiness and affection from the environment are always good.



Those who understand the game should guide the oscillations of encouraging the energy of the group. If we have more energy the group is stronger. Because of that, you will have to return to the strengthened thing. So you have determined one destiny for one part.

Those who are still not fit with osmo or love a safe game based on "something for something" can donate the cash amount to one third of the daily dose of cigarettes, food, drinks or what they already use this manual.

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