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Earth and Land, mine-Gordana Đajić

Gordana Đajić - As I write 


 In order for the site to be launched, it is necessary to make a decision. Before making a decision, it is necessary to invest time in learning and gathering information that discourages us or strengthens us with intent. Along the books, courses and tutorials, I also consulted the people I care about all the time (before, after, and during the site's raising). All of this can be different, faster, more effective or more supple, but with this experience in this time, I looked like this way.

Now is the time when the technical part is so much stolen and put into operation so that the saved time can be given to the friends and people who "found" me. It is about accomplished persons in various areas, so one can and should do much to learn.

It's about top-notch "players" who do not even have something to hide. They simply took life into their own hands, paid the full price for it. They will be happy to talk about their defeats, victories and delusions. It is about first-hand knowledge, directly from the source. A rare opportunity. Therefore, I sincerely recommend that you find "your" people on this side.

Let's say the invited people choose the topic. My suggestions are: "Writing"," Writing "," How do I write "," Why do I write? "Most responded so that those who start (regardless of their qualifications or years) can see writing on the other side.

These are not life-giving awards because many of them have not begun the process but are ready to share our path with us. Those who have left us will benefit someone who will be worthy of bringing their knowledge closer to what is ideal for expanding the vision.

At the same time, this is a small rebellion against what is being served through the media. In the overall endeavor of tainting, the goal of mass media is becoming transparent to many. The peoples of this space (all of the order) are predestined to become (still) dirtier, more affluent and cheaper. Let everyone do their job.


Our job is not to make it easier for them to do their job. Just what we mentioned them. So you will surprise everyone here (and not).

As I write

Dok I'm writing, clinging to or in some other way creating is one of the topics. Many creators honestly believe that it is writing only a direct gift from God (or someone else) that is why they are reluctant to talk about it, fearing not to lose their gift. Some know that this is not true but jealous and sickly silent about this by keeping in the way and the unworthy of honor and privileges

On the other hand, there are those who realize that there is a lot of work besides talent, that there are more real and healthy achievements, and that is why they are ready to share it with us. For them, writing as God's gift is just the beginning of developing gifts and uncertainty.

We begin to analyze the writing of the eyes of those who write. The texts will be in the beginning that older viewers do not have to get to this site every time.

    Writing about the site and visitors 

Let's take a bit of a compliment.

We value, hard-working samouki blacks getting a song. We will still hope for themThank you, my dear colleague Goci


Gordana Đajić

27. January in 00: 14

As he thinks
mental skills,
from here to infertility,
a nemušti,
all leaking,
mis'o pljušti,
His skill sharpens his skill.
Zorro big, and the wise swell,
his sweat burns his head, the lice of the lice,
sweaty windows,
my mental approaches to me.
Most of my mind is a craft,
zainatio my anger,
chess is mat or sham,
the skill is mental,
My dose is half-hearted.
it is amazing,
and ours is everywhere.
Well that we met sometime,
when we were more than we were,
even if you do not,
skills would win,
now we would not eat.
sweat from the forehead, now spit,
knight and male.
Ovladasmo veštin mě veštinom,
do not be mental;
now we rule the nemesis,
the dose is lethal.
Now it would be quiet,
with the quietest silence,
mental skill.
From the silence of our minds, let us make a good time;
this is a maze,
perhaps it is a general test,
we introduce ourselves to the mature age.
mental skills, awaken imaginative, gifted and humorous and somewhat silly;
A little bit more mature
from the dice field,
this mental nonsense,
from the abyss they withdrew,
Vukuć progressed very much.
Strange some craft,
my name is shahmat,
which is a mental wolf's skill, in a great teaching science.
From craftsmanship,
and the finger on the forehead, one good thing goes on,
your hands are doing.
I'm anxious,
little think,
as a mental skill,
with the ease of my domination.
And yet thou hast said unto us,
halo, good evening,
you have no excuse to fuck,
I am a long-handed;
and that you know I will not give,
nature because of the ruin,
he can not suffer.
What is it that orders you,
my colleague and friend
Radoslav M. Lazić,
I gave it to him,
a joke and a cheerleader.



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