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Your dog and your dog are constantly arguing. Put a green hat on your head and give some suggestions. Or the Assembly delegates do not stop arguing, but there is no visible improvement for the people. Give some suggestions with a green, white and blue hat.

Intelligence is a potential. Thinking is the skill to use the potential in the best way. Very intelligent people do not always get good enough to they think. Many intelligent people fall into the "trap of intelligence" and function as people who are very poor and unconnected they think.

This claims De Bono, the most quoted thinker on this side.

Thinking and philosophy - how to succeed through the bitterness of failure 

We are more limited than we arewe thinkand more than we ever didthink. Beginning with our own capacities, parents and the environment that "filled our heads", through the environment in which we were formed, where favored hard work or thief, through the bad and false patterns we have seen .--

Dictating multiple texts simultaneously

An overview of dictating multiple texts at the same time, along with a practical example, can be a great place for everyone who is interested to decide to relate to mental hygiene and begin to develop their mental abilities (thinking, memory, writing, intelligence, creativity ...). For starters, let's say yesAll of these can easily and quickly become ridiculous. I apologize for that interruptions in the first seconds of recording.

Reading, Thinking, and Writing With Sagittarius Sayings (1)

"In general, with spiritual food, it is just as well-meaning: it is hardly assimilated to the fifty part of what a man enters into himself, and the rest is lost by evaporation, breathing, or some other way."

The immortal German gave priority to originality at the expense of learning. At the same time, he liked to read scholars and naive writers rather than reputed, gay bible writers who wrote on the norm.

Reading, Thinking, and Writing, With Small Help of Spider-Man (2)

As soon as we notice that someone is unaware of his own haste, yesit saysin order to fulfill the norm and fill the newspaper, "to spend the paper", or to collect some kind of churchyard, it should immediately stopreading, because we have underlined in the previous text"Time is expensive".

"A large number of miserable writers live exclusively from the stupidity of the audience, because she will not do anythingreadsexcept what is printed today: the journalist. Real name! In translation, it would mean "payers".

Writing, plagiarism, style, and Šopenhauer (3)

"What is the address for a letter, this for the book should be its title". He recalls that the titles may be ambiguous, that they may be seduced and that they eventually attribute the destiny of the wrongly addressed letter to the end.

"Support othersquietmeans wearing a mask. But as this mask was a leprosy, she would soon become stupid and miserable due to her lifelessness, so even the most vivid lively face is better than her. "

Reflection, Types, Goals, Impact of Emotions

We are thinking when we want or when we have to. Sometimes we have to think about the goal because of the potential favorable or unfavorable outcome. Sometimes we decide whether to help and repair something without the tools or without the help of a master who "dives" or "plays" a surgeon (most often both).

Six Hats, Thinking Technique (1)

Let's say another working definition of thinking. It's a blend of what our brain does and what it does and what it gives us to do. Hats of various colors here represent the roles, more precisely the positions from which we look at a situation.

Red hatare emotions. What is it that we feel about the subject of thinking? At the same time, how do we feel about it?

Six Hat, Thinking Technique (2) - Red and White

So "they" (who they were) "do not care" for us to think, but if we do not mind doing or doing bad then it is certainly worse for us. Let's not forget we're whatwe think, just howwe think, recognizing (or not) logic.

Older ones can tell us from the first hand something about the times when it was punishable to think differently, that is, it was punishable even to think.

Six Hat Thinking Techniques - Yellow and Black (3)

A yellow hat represents an association of sun, joy and optimism, but all this has to be logically argued.Yellow hat Thinking logically about the future after the evoked changes.

There is also the danger of excessive use of the black hat. Many people "nurture" their pessimism without letting it go a black hat out of hand. They will find a million reasons why something will not work or can not succeed.

 Six Thinking Hats - Exercises, Extensions, Recommendations (4)

Now let's move on to the feelings that started in us. Of course, the longer we work, the more emotional we are writing, and the more we can distinguish the shades of emotion because there are more. Your feelings will be directly or indirectly linked to the initial blue hat and your position you are considering (unless otherwise specified).



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