(new) Smuggling - a trip without a returnOrdered text

Many think that our brain is the Miracle of God, ready for everything, tireless, infallible, and it will somehow help us to evacuate. With this text, this view is partly questioned. The brain has an incomprehensible power of adaptation as well as limitations. But first we have to start it, in the right way, with the right motives and goals. Only then does a miracle happen.

Therapy, Health, Self-Help - Placebo "Supplement" (II)

Similar to the hypnosis of a placebo effect (whether or not someone is giving us a pill or doing something on our own), it brings together the content of consciousness with the autonomic nervous system. When we first believe (or we want it in a true emotional way), a new, placebo reality begins.

 Quitting smoking  (how) - therapy that works

The above text emphasized that smoking is a "minor problem" because it primarily threatens ourselves as opposed to aggressive and unreasonable behavior towards others, for example, On the other hand, visitors to the site are more interested in stopping smoking than obesity, so why not begin with it. After all, when people talk about achievements, it's always nice to say successful "wrestling" with tobacco.

"Mental skills" distance learning - the second year

Mental skills - the secrets of the beginning, the first line- report after one year of the site 

It does not always work for us to spend time as we would most like. In addition to fishing, staying in nature, listening to music or hanging out with dear people, we sometimes feel the vortexes from the environment.

These can be questions from which we can not or will not turn our head: GM nutrition, vaccination, war, natural disasters, and many other more or less major issues.

Sometimes it may be useful not to take off, but to offer an alternative.

Let's not forget before the SFRY broke up in the bloody war there were whistles of the anthems and the flames of the flag. For those who were sent it was the beginning of the bad at the symbolic level. The people who saw it were in a minority, publicize them he was not inclined or retained their knowledge for themselves. Whatever the break-up of the country, the majority was terrible and bloody. Many were doing things that are today shaken, because of which they repent or blame in some other way, strolling in another country, on some other continent ...

These bad things (crises) are often good places for practical checking of lessons that are processed on the site; therefore, there are also chances for review and reversal. Because if we do nothing, we follow the traces of disasters after which we have nothing.

As Edmund Burke said (1729-1797): "To make the evil triumph, it is enough for good people to do nothing."

Organized crime and vaccination - exercise of thought - personal attitude - ordered text map and results of thinking on a given topic

Serbs and Montenegrins, "crushed infantry" - statistics or manipulation - ordered text. Reply to report: "Do Montenegrins come to Belgrade to find out a half of their children"           


The fact that today "different" does not burn or send to Goli otok does not always mean that arguments are always crucial , that the best will get the job opportunity, Perhaps there is no Siberia but skillfully with new knowledge and enthusiasm, because in applications, not everyone will be thrilled. It can happen to you that you are competing even though you meet the requirements :). As things are happening, we will also mention the black cases -

Let's remember why it is Nobel Prize laureate Bertrand Russell (Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 1872-1950)he was unemployed at the University of New York. The court declared immoral his influence on society on occasiontoday's widely held attitudes about open marriage and divorce. Rasel has withdrawn the parallels to positively evaluate it as proof of social progress

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