Health, Therapy and Change - Expected and unexpected results

Old Chinese had long ago concluded that he was change the only constant in nature. Regardless of whether we cooperate with ourselves, nature or the immediate environment. I want it or notchange is inevitable what it is many times emphasized.

Change can be quick or slow, willing and unwilling, external or internal, expected or unexpected, necessary or timely ... Regardless of which and what is change Our attitude is that we "ask" something, which is mentioned as one of them the reasons for creating a site. Those who think that there is no free will do not read such texts nor do they change deal. They (I guess) all they can accept without internal earthquakes and any emotions.

Before the change, we should definitely say that we have "more." One is what we have identified as a problem. This is the one who smokes, drugs, consumes alcohol, eats a lot, has problems with dear people, with a collective, a neighborhood, a conscience, or something similar.

Other I am an observer in us who informs the decision maker and planner about his observations. These are the ones who would turn the situation around by doing something changed. There is also I who wants to bring out change. And that's not all.

In that "multitude" of ours I have many who will afterwards changes "Profitable" in a way that would accelerate and change quickly.The athlete hopes that the "murder" of smokers or gallbladder in us will achieve better results in competitions. An intellectual may have bought a book with saved money from tobacco or went to a course for self-development. At the same time, some of our I-like hedonists or quarrels are worried about their future. Everything depends on what the main thing I want to do change.

There are characters in us who are not quite convinced that it is change is possible, but there are those who would do all of this right now and right away. That everything is almost as late as yesterday to say younger generations. Experts mention: id, ego, superego, consciously, unconsciously, collectively unconscious, subconsciously ... Or how adults, parents and children, exist in us at the same time, so the "conflict of generations" is often an integral part of upbringing and growing up. It speaks of the guardian angels, which implies the existence of their opposite ...

We seek the solution according to the estimate. Simplified what I should and could do (or do), so that what I want to happen happens. Maybe I want something to stop happening or yes I change something that does not suit me for something.

What (does) work and why

We can solve the problem by refreshing, but we can also opt for instant solutions without overdrive as when an antifreeze is added to the refrigerator, or from summer to winter tires.

We can run and get rid of fat deposits, but not right away. Again why we would be struggling to run if we can solve this by changing the diet and diet. Perhaps we can even more quickly, by operating the extraction of fatty deposits or by reducing the stomach.

Smoking or alcohol is solved with tablets, patch, hypnosis, subliminal messages, meditation, prayer, single or group therapy.

Initial success

The initial success is almost regular, but soon the reactionary forces are victorious. After a while, instead of weakening how she hinted about a new diet, we were able to "add" another gram. Or we have been "fighting hard" for a month of non-smoking service, after which we "succeed" to make up for a short time in a short time.

Pleasures and excuses

The environment begins to help us: "You can not leave the duo," "If you could leave it," "Do not let this people get bogged down," "Thank God for losing you because you were very nervous", " you almost looked into the mirror. "


As the environment begins, self-help begins. After suffering stress, it often takes years to try again with some therapy. Self-confidence is pumped to us, while guilt and suspicion in our own abilities get wings.

"I'm not going to be a fool any more," "Water and air fall on me. So it is not up to me ",

"Those who can succeed in everything. Calm down with destiny, "" Those who managed to know something and hide from me ". All in all, the situation is aggravated by which we are beginning to unconsciously resist any changes.

In addition to the environment in which there are many who have "been waiting" for which we have given the cause for liking, besides the suspicion of their own inability, often "experts" are not inclined to share something with you. While the technique worked, they were happy to take you as an example. Now, the blame for the failure is just yours.

Suddenly, with various gurus, you become an example of "the power of negative thinking." "You did not believe enough in what you are doing," "You have not kept your mental picture of success for a long time," "You're overwhelmed by the mind," "Get out of the comfort zone", "Determining your routine decisively," "It's not enough to try. It takes perseverance, "" The darkest thing is before dawn "...

The consequences of "falling"

Visible consequences are painful. We are exposed to a laugh. We have become permanently vulnerable because we have shown a weak point (which is not a "wise" characteristic). Experienced stress kills self-confidence, our creativity falls. There are various kinds of researches, guilt of conscience, feeling of guilt, powerlessness, dissatisfaction with life ... All in all, we fall into a negative spiral that accelerates, which can throw us out of balance in the long run.

Some justification for "small" problems can be found ("I buy cigarettes from my vapors," "I enjoy smoking", "cigarettes calm me," "I'm fed and dressed with my income", "how many happy and fat ones are what "...).

When it comes to more complex problems that break down relationships with loved ones, colleagues at work (which we may be less at ease) or relationships with business partners, then we are in a much bigger problem with much more serious consequences.

In one word, we managed to create at least one other problem. If we were a smoker before the therapy, now we become a retarded, caged, quarrelsome smoker. If we had an accidental disorder before the therapy after the failure, we become: fools, psychopaths, untreated narcotics, sick alkos dangerous to the environment, impossible case.

Getting out of the comfort zone by shock therapy 

I know people who left tobacco after visiting a doctor. It was enough to tell them the diagnosis and consequences if they were left or if they did not leave tobacco. In some countries of the socialist bloc many drug addicts have been cured "on dry", that is, everyone who would survive would be cured.

It's rare for anyone today to decide on a shock therapy which is normal if we agree that we spent many careless days in the mother's womb. Moreover, no shock therapy does not work the way we planned it. Being in such a situation is still the smallest problem, but getting sugar or otherwise permanently damaging your health is not what is recommended.

   Possible solutions for overcoming difficulties

Deliberately written in plural. There are always several solutions that we can choose. One of them is change our mental attitudes about success and failure. It's not that hard. It is enough to observe a child learning to walk, or to recall our cycling beginnings. Let those who have walked out of the first come. In the end, some of the top athletes should also come to this position by training them less than others. Why do you think it's different with you?

Those who follow writing section or dealing with writing know they have to get used to refusing. Many great writers will (after becoming big) happy to say that at the beginning and for some fifty times they sent their texts to publishers before they were lucky. Success books always emphasize initial failures that should not deter us but strengthen us in our intent. Success was somebody said trying more.

There is also more benefit. If the brain learns new things it develops as the body retains (even returns) vitality. Otherwisewe become cooler, but full of justifications while we blame others for what is happening to us. "Other" can not be excluded, but we do not need to ignore them.


If, by changing mental attitudes, we acquired the ability to overcome failure and the ability to learn through successful and unsuccessful attempts, we have opened ourselves a space for life in the real world of potential opportunities and success, rather than in some kind of vacuum world of unattainable fantasies and unconscious, crossed fantasies. "

This just means that imagination and fantasy can and should become our allies. Details and instructions on how to do this can also be learned from texts on this site, such as books or films, through consultations or working with a therapist.

Bihevioristi it will be nice to explain that we have learned many behaviors through stimulation. It's enough to remember the experiments that Russian scientist Pavlov did with the dogs and everything becomes clear to us.

The conclusion is that we can change a lot of ourselves in the same way. This way through samostimulisanja. Becausewhat we are in intellectual intimidation above the dogs are well aware of what the terms of stimulation and disinfection mean.

Perhaps we unconsciously imitated some of our role models and heroes during growing up and forming, perhaps they manipulated with us as they educated and shaped us. Maybe we started with tobacco, alcohol, drugs or shit emulating heroes from a TV screen or from the street. It should be remembered that we were not born with either a cigarette or a bottle. Nor did we have any reasons for any aggression, for example,

Be sure that any behavior you are not happy with can be analyzed and changed. At first, it is slower than the first steps. Later behavior changes are accelerating. We are gladly becoming masters in this.

Behavioral attitude towards the goal

In order to achieve the goal of behavioral methods, we need to have good mental attitudes that include the ability to overcome failure, to have a realistic aspiration, a realistic assessment of the situation, to be motivated, to be ready to make continuous efforts.

For success, it's not enough to say: "I want to leave cigarettes," although this is our ultimate goal. We need to make notes a few days before, and only after that we divide that big goal into several smaller ones. I remember a friend who called me a cigarette when I left tobacco. "If I could come down with four hell every day, I NEVER leave them."

In that period, we need to collect "supporters" large and small. It's a pleasure to gradually replace a bad habit or a bad behavior. Everything is calculated from the chewing gum. Any worship of yourself as well. In the end, behaviorists emphasize the need to learn how to relax quickly.

Environment and change

The environment does not look always benevolent to our experiments. We all know the phrase that the world is not an ideal place, but we do not have it. During the implementation of your plan, you need to avoid those places that would put our plan into question. It is not convenient to sit in a smoky café in an attempt to leave tobacco when it's "all the same" if we know it is a place where we are prone to exaggerating.

We also need to know that the environment sometimes draws us energy, which is why many capitulate after a few hours of persistent resistance. As we can not read or dig a whole day so we can not even oppose any of our work we knowingly want to change.In the final Shakespeare: "Everything is ready if your spirit is ready". It will be a real change. 


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