Smuggling - a trip without a return

dumbing down - the path without return is ordered text. Represents loud reflections while searching for answers to the questions: "Why are we so passive?"

Brain constraints - an introduction to self-assimilation (i) self-assimilation

We'll start with a short experiment that takes less than 30 seconds. On the record we have three black and three white team members. Each team has its own basketball ball that adds a person from his team without hitting the basket (who is not there). Your job is to within thirty seconds samo count adding a white team, ignoring the black team. Now look at the footage.


I guess everyone guessed just how much was adding. But to the question of whether you have encountered something unusual, half will answer you negatively. There are those who are angry when they are asked what they have missed to see.

There was an "intellectual blindness" that we created for counting the addition and ignoring of the black team. Creators of experiment Kristofer chabris ( Christopher Chabris) in Danijel Sajmons (Daniel Simons) in the book "Invisible Gorillas" have made this a nice surprise. The task of counting and the instruction to ignore the black team provokes sleepiness for everything else.

Of course, if we get the answer "why" we mean "how" to change (or stay the same). For now, we only have the answer to the question: "What happens when blind people lead blind people." More precisely, many agreed to be just that. So why blame others?


Samodumbing down in dezorjentacija

Many think that our brain is the Miracle of God, ready for everything, tireless, infallible, and it will somehow help us to evacuate. With this text, this view is partly questioned. The brain has an incomprehensible power of adaptation as well as limitations. But first we have to start it, in the right way, with the right motives and goals. Only then does a miracle happen.

The brain is supercomputer on one side and can be more than what we imagine, but only if we like it. Do you know that finding letters and reading has led to the mutation of our brain structures into a reading device? The brain was originally not designed for that function. When it comes to (anti)dumbing down We can do a lot. It's true and vice versa. It's on us.

When we look at the possibilities of the brain on the one hand and all the nonsense and extermination that we have been organizing with each other through history on the other, we conclude that those who claim that the planet survives because "stupidity is indestructible" are right. Others say that the reason for being in spite of the incompetence and lying we tolerate for those who lead us is that the Lord cares for a small group of his. If it had not been for them, the Earth would have existed for a long time.


What to do

The task showed us that nthe mind can alone or with the help of others to be very relaxed silenced yourself, so good to be at the same time they slept for their sleighs. We are looking for professional help only when we are just finished. Before that, no matter who knows better than us. The question is, and would we hurry to say something to ourselves.

optical illusion
Optical illusion, two longer are the same

Most know and recognize only optical illusions and fatamorgans, in a word of visual deception. Intellectual blindness does not recognize,because it's so easy for them.

What will we do with selective recollection, often deliberately distorted, so that with the help of "such" thinking, imagination and lustness we will make an image of ourselves that we are satisfied with? In the end, what with all these optical-mental illusions we resort to consciously and unconsciously?

The solution exists. Let's remember the texts about thinking. We said it was something the brain was doing, and what we were going to do.


 Anti-smoker - let's meet ourselves (and do something)

Often in joking, but in reality we find that there is more in our heads. Sometimes it's pretty cool to see. Here we will analyze the three participants. The first is an autonomous system that does not rule out. The other is a voluntary system. The third is the observer.


Daniel Kaneman, author of the book "Think fast and slow," suggests that the 1 system and 2 system are better called as they take up less space in our working memory, so we will stay focused on the topic for a long time. Perhaps this is true for thinkers with capacities. It is easier for beginners to recognize them as an autonomous and volitional system, with the addition of the most commonly lazy observer.

Sistemi 1 in 2

The autonomous system (non-exclusive 1 system) is in charge of survival. He makes decisions quickly and with association. If life is not a threat to us, it leaves the 2 System to make a logical, connected story (from the material served to it). Sometimes like in the task of burning we can "silence" it, but it rarely happens. A little training is not a waste.

how to make a story of what we see
Temptation -: - quick-associative-thinking- (pa-how-we-be)

In the picture above System 1 that first (often the only one) sees "something". This is something of a variety of flashy associations that start with: it endangers me, it does not endanger me. For example: a great photo, a sponsor of a broken brain, my bigger, I would like it to look like this, it's too soft to talk, what's up (down), now the male pigs are stuck, I'm just wondering what it is by profession, this kind of my Milojka smelled ... (meaning I hate her), I would like to find myself one of these, would I have allowed my child to do this ...?


This is an example of the confusing limitation of our mind. It is a laziness that we compensate with an overwhelming confidence in something we believe we know. In this way, we "save ourselves" because we become incapable of recognizing ourselves ignorance and starting others, otherwise thinking of the part (or System 2). A terribly powerful way of avoiding a vision of uncertainty. Shortest: "I'm not directly threatened." For the rest we will be easy.

(Only) Rubbing is easy and "attractive"

This "easy" is the job for both systems, that is, if the viewing scene is interrupted. Often times, we focus on something else, so we do not think so, so we do not include the thought process of the 2 System. What if our associative brain knows everything. The opinion is often tense with the unattractive. Of course, we would never admit it to ourselves.

Justification-for-dumbing down
Emotional intelligence
1Goleman D. (1997), Emotional Intelligence, Geopoetics, Belgrade, str. 19

In the picture, we see what happens when we estimate that we are in a life-threatening (rather than knowingly aware). The blue right in the drawing is a snake (I have to paint this badly). The data goes into the eye, from there they turn to the thalamus. Here the signal is broken. The larger part goes to the visual cortex for processing while the smaller part goes to the amygdala (two glands, the primary center for fear), where the processing is plus or minus.

If life is endangered (according to the rapid assessment of the 1 System) blood pressure increases, heartbeats also, while the big muscles are ready to "fight or flee" the action. If life is not endangered, then it is: a toy snake, someone's joke, a harmless, drawn or projected snake. All in all, nothing terrible. So we're going back to "where I stopped."

 Experiment for "Thinking"

Kaneman in the book we mentioned is another experiment conducted with employees. The officers in the common room at work had a coffee machine and tea. For years, coffee and tea were paid by placing money in the "box of honesty". Above there was a price list with the recommended amounts.

Then, without notice and announcement above the machines, a poster with flowers is placed above the recommended amount. After seven days, the poster was replaced, and now there was a poster with eyes seen by the user above the machine. (With a little imagination, you can see this from the illustration below.

Collected money for a rope of spent milk

Nobody commented on anything, but Sunday's revenue varied considerably. The "Sunday Flower Day" was much poorer than the "Sunday Eye Poster".

Do not bother with the conclusion that your 2 System is something else and that you always know your reasons for making decisions. Perhaps it's better to wonder why posters of the winners of the election remain long, long to look at us from the height and after the election. Or why they do not "get out of the TV" (or not get off it) all the time. Of course, always "somehow" in the foreground.

dumbing down
Dumbing-in-service-democracy-and-better-life- "reaction" -Citizens-Nis-and-result

Cracking and "results"

Rezultati? Pa ima ih nije da ih nema samo što mi sa njima nismo baš zadovoljni. Svi gledaju samo svoja, najuža posla. Protest malinara – pa šta kad su oni nas podržali. Protest dužnih u švajcarcima. Pa šta? Kad su se zaduživali mislili su da su pametni i da će odlično da prođu. Protest oružara. Pa šta? Oni su organizovani i uvek isteraju ono što hoće. Oni gledaju samo sebe. Zašto bih ja rizikovao ako ništa ne mogu da dobijem? Štrajk zaposlenih u Goši? Pa šta? Što im se nisu pridružili oružari? Smanjenje penzija. Pa šta? Nisu dirali one sa najnižim penzijama. Kome treba nek se buni.  Zar nisam ispao budala krajem devedesetih i to za džabe dok su mnogi uzeli milione?  

There are many reasons why we chose to be taught. The reason behind everything is the fear of the 1 System. That's why many rijalitija and empty contents that keep us in the vegetative state. A terrible prevention from the inclusion of the 2 System that is threatened by a ruling clique, even underdeveloped. From that, we as a people became ill. This is called a mental epidemic.  


Isti narod koji je umeo da se buni za prava „obojenih“ u Južnoj Africi sad prelazi preko neizglasavanja Tijaninog zakona. Peticije na socijalnim mrežama misteriozno nestaju, krimosi ne odgovaraju, sudski postupci zastarevaju.

Judging by the events, we can conclude that the mental epidemic is bleeding. Simply people for decades duped and plundered (materially and spiritually) by a false, incompetent elite. Sometimes by the act, sometimes by omission orwrong act lawyers would say.

First dumbing down is countless, the affair is also nothing to anyone (for now). False experts, Savamala, mandatory vaccination with unverified vaccines to whom the pride is over (a bile su najskuplje na tržištu), lečenje dece SMS porukama dok iz zdravstva nestaje milijarda evra godišnje … 

Since we survived much more than the above we can expect to develop resistance to dumbing down, the same way the microorganisms outperformed penicillin and cockroaches DDT. We were the people from whom the devils made a mob, but we are choosing to be again a people who is attracted to the best because we do not like this now. Intellectual blindness is a curable, and therefore a mental epidemic.     

Remarks to those who read with the following:

- I could make clearer drawings and photographs, but I did not. Why? Because in the case of unclear letters, drawings or photos, the reading system includes 2 System. This is the system I address to my texts because the first is too personal. I needed to be sure.

-I thought about this headline and some of the flowers. That's why many will leave the site. Many return later because the 2 system is (so) turned on.

Radosav Lazić

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