Earth and Fatherland My Gordana-Djaic

Previously we saw as Gordana writes. Here we see how it looks in practice. Finally, underneath the song, we see what appears to be some practice.
Gordana Đajić

Earth and Land,

While you're gossiping, stinging and walking,
and while you are shaking,
in pain and suffering, and in distress,
and while you are carrying your cross on your shoulders,
do not fall;
darkness pass by you,
gentle clouds,
not a comet of fat,
what the country is up to while the road,
let the land go by;
the other side of the city should turn,
and find the other goddess,
the land that bleeds and the road,
let them through the dark.
I know,
belly you to the pain of death,
your lungs penetrate and yellow,
your breathing has been naughty,
You smear the bile and the bed,
while the fever shakes you,
teeth screams are heard;
lighten the lightning light;
the thunder hit the ground of the house,
and it is torn,
birds wings frightened;
the heap of the gavran is heard,
and black trunks and crows.
Holding the ground,
passive everything is,
and the bushes and the storms will hurt,
and echoing the fields with the bank,
and the mountain veil kida, the snow clears,
and reveals the sight of eye sight;
and naborana čela,
and a modest look,
relationships of pain, and fever,
pencils are pencils and pencils;
it is born new
clear stasalo,
with power of class,
and the grain fields were good and full,
pear apple and dunja mature,
Wishful berry calls,
and pregnant need,
that birthdays,
and facilitates,
and new flowers receive,
mushrooms and young ones.
Morning your country of black,
fertile, exemplary and powerful,
after the abundance of rain, which they have sprinkled upon, and the city,
and a lightning frog,
beams sunny and beautiful;
the crutches of the land of wickedness are wiped out,
sun rays after rain.
They burst out with the puppy and washed the crowns,
with fruiting fruit trees,
and vineyards submerged,
orezani i povezani;
from generation to generation,
which produces black and white wines and fragrant and juicy grapes,
and thrive and go up
the madljika od tamljanike,
buradi vina nališe,
celebrating and joy and joy,
and tips and nightclubs,
day candlelight;
and the ore and the dawn,
candle, and be awake.
Blagorodic wine,
The Holy Virgin and the Goddess,
the root of thy womb, and the rising heart;
while on a sunny stump,
beekeeper equipped,
with the amulet hat,
from honey bees,
with honey and pitcher bowls.


The long which is born in the east, and the colors of the earth after the rain dew,
while the smell of lime yields,
bagrems and lilacs
and purple cherries,
and smell the earth after the rain,
it is exuding and oppressive with the power of scent,
jeremics, violets, iris;
the bush of the crown
in love with roses,
flower gardens are hanging out,
and the fear of random passers-by,
they keep sticky petals;
carnelian lilies and lilies,
smell your shit,
nitty and infamous,
and in your wickedness,
the bee as he buys.
With meadows and wildfowl trees,
busen swollen,
and the bricks of the stubs are crumpled,
the house is new born,
stamina, lepa and younger,
her orbital herbs and herbs,
while the sun was falling,
zoru raspuklo,
behind the cloud,
easy steps,
in the east it recommends.
Holding the ground,
And sail your homeland,
i brodi,
and the life of peaceful waters,
and never flooded,
worry over,
and safe for the earth,
and clean air swim,
and awake snivaj,
and find the earthly gaze.
Holding the ground,
endure and in the way support us all;
our destiny, and the diva,
tips and tips.
And the main lifeblood,
and the theater, and the airfield;
and the biosphere is what the soul desires,
and spirituality piston,
likes and likes,
and Diko and Amin,
and sudbo and ljubo,
and society and opportunity,
and the mirrors of our paintings,
book of lance and feather,
a feeder and a drink,
the burying and the death sentence,
life of our life,
the dying of our hopes,
we are suffering our suffering
and wait for us there,
bed disposed,
floral fragrances,
i namirisanih ubrusa,
which smell your smell,
smell yours and amanu,
forgiveness will be demanded
we will approach the Temple with the scenes;
and we know,
to give one homeland only,
we have;
and you only blessed us,
forgive us our grievances,
with his wicked fragrance he received us,
arms swirling and flickering rays,
and knitwear of long,
and the sorrow of our sorrow,
and worries, enters, and utterly calms.
And ring bells,
let the echo of the bell,
for retired jews,
lovers who follow us
let's stay lucky.
Bells ringing everyone,
do not ask who you are ringing ever,
all ring tones,
panaija, or is the end.
Утробом отчабино,
the hand of the spreading us receives,
muscles and pains and wounds,
without lulla receive,
soul and body calm,
and spirituality calms down;
Earth and Land.

Gordana Đajić

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